Mr. Philippides studied Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University with postgraduate degrees in Project Management from the University College London and Project Finance from the University of Middlesex. He completed his professional qualification of Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) with Deloitte London in the UK, where he worked as a consultant in the private equity sector in London. Subsequently, he was a Vice President in the investment banking group Renaissance Capital in Nicosia, in the area of finance and special projects, with responsibilities in the business development of the group in Cyprus and the Middle East. Since June 2014, he was heading the Chairman’s Office of the Cooperative Central Bank and in January 2016, he was appointed Director of Real Estate and Investments of the Cyprus Cooperative Bank. Currently, Mr. Philippides is the Deputy CEO of Altamira Asset Management, heading the Real Estate activities of the DoValue Group in Cyprus, since 2018.