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Our real estate investments aim to provide shareholders with repetitive returns, principally derived from the operation of income generating properties, from capital appreciation through investment in high yield real estate assets and from capital return generated from development projects and related investments primarily in Cyprus and Europe.

We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, and operational support can drive transformation and realize the company’s potential. Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value.

We hold a portfolio of equities listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange as well as other overseas stock markets mainly in Europe and the USA. Our equities portfolio is comprised primarily of investments in a few selected companies, trading on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, which are industry leaders with national as well as international operations.

Demetra is listed on the Main Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 20 Index. We aim to provide institutional investors and shareholders with timely and comprehensive information concerning the Company. For more information please contact the Company’s Investor Liaison Officer: Mr Costas Paphitis on +35722818222, email:


Worked at KPMG in Nicosia and group investment banking Renaissance Capital, as a responsible project management group with parallel role in the development of the financial activities of the group in Cyprus and the Middle East. Since June 2014, he became director of the Office of President of the guardianship of the Cooperative Central Bank.
Demetris Fillippides
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