• Demetra Holdings PLC
Real Estate
​​Our real estate investments aim to provide shareholders with repetitive returns, principally derived from the operation of income generating properties, from capital appreciation through investment in high yield real estate assets and from capital return generated from development projects and related investments, principally in Cyprus but also in South East Europe.  As part of the investment philosophy of the Company, our investments in Real Estate fall within three categories:

  • ​​Income Generating Properties: These investments generally refer to acquisitions and developments of commercial/office buildings, in Cyprus, that offer a steady and recurring rental income. ​

  • Development Projects: As an investment company we participate in real estate development projects in partnership with major local and international construction and real estate development companies.

  • Long Term Investments: Of particular interest are plots of land in promising locations in countries and areas with strong predicted growth, particularly where we can choose whether to build or simply hold on and wait for the asset to appreciate in value.  We currently hold a portfolio of plots of residential land in Cyprus (upcoming residential locations), Romania (residential areas in central Bucharest) and Bulgaria (Black Sea touristic locations). ​​

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  • Demetra Tower
    Completed in 2010, this Class A office building is strategically located on the busiest avenue of the capital. It comprises of five office floors and a showroom on the ground floor with a total office space of 3.500 sq. m.
  • Gerasimou Markora Offices
    This Class A office building is located in the heart of the city. Demetra owns two of the office floors of the building with a total surface area of 440 sq. m.
  • Demetra Aniben Tower
    A Class B office building situated in the heart of the capital with a total area of 1.530 sq. m.
  • Demetra Akropoleos Tower
    Completed in early 2011, this modern Class A office building is located on one of the major road arteries of the capital. It has a total area of 800 sq. m. with three office floors and a showroom on the ground floor.

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