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According to the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code, the Board of Directors has established a Nomination Committee, a Remuneration Committee, an Audit Committee and a Risk Management Committee. The composition of the Committees is the following:

Nomination Committee

Chairman:       Antonios-Andreas-Antis Skordis
Members:       Alexis Vafeades, Varnavas Irinarchos

Remuneration Committee

Chairman:      Varnavas Irinarchos
Members:       Antonios-Andreas-Antis Skordis,Alexis Vafeades

​Audit Committee​

Chairman:       George Kourris
Members:       Varnavas Irinarchos, Demetrios Philippides

Risk Management Committee

Chairman:       Demetrios Philippides
Members:       Varnavas Irinarchos, George Kourris​

Senior Independent Director
George Kourris


Compliance Officer

Mr. ​Adamaos Hadjiantoniou has been appointed as the Compliance Officer in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code.

Investor Liaison Officer

​Mr. Costas Paphitis has been appointed as the Investor Liaison Officer in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code. ​​